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  • How do I get a replacement card or certificate?
    The cost is $29 for each card or certificate you need replaced. Go to "Help" on the menu to order a replacement.
  • I didn't get a phone call for my medical-physical statement?
    We only call you if you list a medical condition on your medical history survey. We didn't call because you didn't list any concerning medical conditions. Check your emails for more details.
  • I didn't receive my medical-physical statement?
    Medical-Physical Statements are sent AFTER your appointment. Not before. We send it through our 'SignNow' e-signature account within 24 hours. You must pay for your appointment to receive a medical-physical statement. Simply filling out the form doesn't make an appointment. You must pay for an appointment. Contact us if you don't receive your statement within 24 hours of your appointment.
  • I didn't get my online CPR or Standard Precautions course link.
    1. Check your email spam or junk folder. 2. Check all your email accounts. 3. Check if you used the correct email. 4. Log into our website and go to "My Account" > "Online Programs" See example:
  • Where's my ZOOM LINK for the virtual medication admin. part 2?
    There are three places to find this: 1. In your 'Thanks for booking' email. 2. Under your "My Account" 3. In your booking email receipt. It says 'Video Conference: Join Meeting' See example images
  • What are your policies on refunds and rescheduling?
    In the rare event that we cancel a class, a full refund will be issued. A. Online Standard Precautions or Medical/Physical Statements: No refunds. Puchases are all final for Online Standard Precautions or Medical/Physical Statements. B. Medication Administration Part 2 or Online + In Person CPR/FA Classes: If you cancel >24 hours in advance, we will issue a full refund minus a 4% transaction fee for customers paying with a credit card only. No transaction fee charge for ACH, cash, or check. If you notify us to cancel <24 hours of the class, no refund will be issued, but you will be allowed to reschedule once within 30 days. If you do not show up for a class or are >15 minutes late to a class, there is no refund, you will need to reschedule and pay again.
  • How to register and access our online CPR & Standard Precautions courses
    1st Step 'Sign Up' to create an account: Go to our homepage and click 'Sign Up' to create an account. 2nd Step purchase course: Go to class calendar Book your class If you purchased an online course, a course link in automatically emailed to you You're done!
  • How do I prove I completed the online CPR or Standard Precautions course?
    You will receive a course completion email for online CPR/First Aid course to show your in-person Instructor. You can also go to 'my account' > 'my online programs' > 'ended' > 'get certificate' We will email your Online Standard Precautions course certificate through our "SignNow" account.
  • Where do I take my medication administration part 1 course?
    It's on the Colorado Shines PDIS system. Email us your certificate so we can sign it. A PDF works best for signing. Login (
  • Where do I send my medication administration part 1 certificate?
    1. Email it in a PDF to See an example of a PDF here.
  • Rules for private classes held at your location
    You will be charged for the 'guaranteed minimum' amount that we agreed upon even if some of your staff don't show up to the class. You are also charged the 'guaranteed minimum' amount if any of the following occurs: Students are a no-show. Our instructor is not able to teach the class due to an unsafe environment. The language translator has not arrived, and we are unable to teach the class. The business or childcare program communicated the incorrect date and/or time to their students resulting in no-shows. If the start time is delayed by the business or childcare program more than 20 minutes, an additional fee of $100.00 will be applied to the total invoice. The instructor has the right to cancel a class with no refund to the business or childcare program if attendees are not ready to start the class after waiting 20 minutes after the original start time.
  • Where is my receipt?
    You will receive a paid invoice/receipt to your email. You can also view it under your "My Account" > "My Orders"
  • How do I set up a Virtual CPR/AED & First Aid course?
    This document should explain all the details. The pricing is subject to change over time.
  • Participants release and hold harmless agreement
    Participants, when you participate in our CPR & First Aid classes you agree to this release and hold harmless agreement.
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